Doing it yourself?

It's super easy if you follow our guide below!

Welcome to the DIY guide.

Click through the following videos for a step by step guide for purchasing and installing your new grass.

How to order your new grass.

We have 2 options of how to order your grass. The first one is to order your grass right here on the website. The second is to call in your order and talk to a member of our sales team.

Picking up the grass.

On the date you scheduled your grass pick up please bring your receipt if you paid online and check in at our office. There you will receive a load ticket. At that point the guys will get your grass loaded for you.

Loading the sod

Our pallets of sod are 4 feet by 4 feet and weigh around 1,300-1,800 lbs. A regular pickup truck can haul one pallet just fine in the bed of it.

Site Preparation

One of the most important steps of installing sod is making sure the ground is prepared properly so that the soil is soft, and the roots have nothing to hold them back from growing down into the soil.

Starter Fertilizer

We always recommend using a starter fertilizer for your new sod. We sell premeasured bags of starter fertilizer that are specific to the time of year and the type of grass type you are installing. These bags can be purchased in person at pick-up.

Lay the sod

You've made it to the fun step. It's time to lay the sod. The big trick here is to lay the sod as tight and close together as possible to maintain a nice even consistency across your project.


This is the most important step of this whole DIY guide. Watering, immediately after installing your sod apply 1/2" -1" of water. Then depending on the time of year continue that 1/2" of water daily for 1 to 2 weeks, to keep the roots damp and encourage fast growth. If you have a sprinkler sysytem or lawn sprinkler this is usually around 30 minutes. You don't want to flood the area and have standing water, what we are going for is soft and damp ground for the roots to penetrate into. Depending on your soil type and the weather conditions you may need more or less water.

Pull test and after care

After 2 weeks of consistent watering, it's time to do the pull test to check and see if it's time to start mowing, cutting back on water, applying weed control, and any other form of regular lawn maintenance. Thank you so much for choosing Madison Turf Farms to be your sod supplier!